If they get Google maps I may just purchase this phone.  Gotta have my Google maps.  The BlackBerry Z10’s inherent map software looks really crummy.  (It may not be the best business decision for Google to whore out their map software to all the OS’s, but its great for the consumer – presuming it’s one of the few, rare make-or-break apps in terms of buying one phone over another).

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Sometimes it’s the app and/or the availability thereof that sells the phone.  Take a look at video gaming systems.  Nintendo has Mario and if you want to play Mario games, you get yourself a Nintendo console.  If Nintendo started to make Mario games for Sony or Microsoft, well there would be no need to buy that Nintendo system (if not for any other desirable features unique to that particular console being offered over the others’ ie. wireless, gesture controlled remotes).

We are also beyond the days of looking for the phone with the best hardware specs.  I really don’t care as a typical consumer that my BlackBerry Z10 has 30 or however more ppx than an Iphone or a .8 mega pixel front facing camera that’s higher than the rest.  Specifications between cellphones are so closely tiered with one another right now that a few points up or down isn’t enough for the average person to change what’s comparatively similar or better just for what’s ‘new’.  It’s all pretty much a level playing field in this category.

All smartphones nowadays are pretty much neck and neck in terms of Operating System specs as well.  iOS and Android are relatively stable now.  You don’t see a massive herd of people shifting from one to the other because of software malfunctions anymore.  As a typical consumer, do I care that my OS is the same as in my local power plant?  Or everything is real-time? Maybe.  But generally speaking, it comes down to personal preference and ‘what it can do for me’ in this department.  So if as a typical consumer I’m happy and used to my current phone’s software, what can you offer me that’s worth switching over for, BlackBerry?  Shifting tiles? Ability to run 8 apps simultaneously?

Back in RIM’s heyday I remember it’s major selling point was its messenger system.  It was new, it was fresh and everybody had to have it.  In the forlorn era when unlimited text messaging plans were unheard of, it was a godsend and people flocked to the BlackBerry.  But those days are over now.  Copycat apps are popping up daily that can do the same job, except better.  So what then, BB?

Security.  This is its main selling point.  Its encryption ability that pretty much ensures privacy with an almost guaranteed inability to be hacked.  It’s above and beyond what any other OS can provide.  So in reality, the only people who really “NEED” a Blackberry (not to mention the loyalists who pay fealty to RIM) specifically are those dealing with highly sensitive and/or timely sensitive information.  I’m talking persons such as government stewards and corporate powerhouses (there’s even a fear of criminals taking advantage of this as well).  This niche makes a pretty slim piece of the market pie but it’s one where all the players in it will undoubtedly make the upgrade just for this unique selling feature.

It’ll be interesting to see the fate of RIM and what direction it takes from here.  For the few 10% that truly “NEED” its unique security capabilities are, through sheer force alone, also powerful enough to sink or keep this ailing company afloat.  Not to say that the life of this company and its BlackBerry products are dependent on malfeasance or other unlawful activity by those that have the power, ability and need for the device’s survival, but, it is plausible to say that this long awaited cellular phone does not offer the typical consumer something earth-shattering, desirable and practical enough that’s worth dumping their already acclimated smartphones for.

RIM may well have to learn to live with its belt a few notches tighter for the time being as it’s really only serving the needs of a slim and loyal minority with its latest offering, the BlackBerry Z10.

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