BitLock, a Wireless Bike Lock


If you ride a bike, you have a lock. And if you have a lock, you need a key or code. A company on KickStarter is changing the way that rule works but introducing keyless, high tech bike locks.

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BitLock looks like a tradition U-lock, but it can be opened wirelessly via iPhone or android app. The app and lock also feature a GPS tracker for the lock and a fitness tracker, to measure how far you’ve biked and how many calories you’ve burned.


A pre-set Admin can grant or revoke access to the lock. It even connects via Bluetooth, so the lock will open when you come into close proximity

The battery is extremely long lasting: 10,000 uses or 5 years. It has a high-density lithium battery made from lithium thionyl chloride.


BitLock is designed for peer-to-peer bike sharing programs such as Bixi, but can easily be used for personal or family bikes

Cities like Toronto, Paris and Washington DC have these
P2P bike programs already in place; just grab a bike here and drop in in the bike stand there. Beyond that, the problem of keeping public bikes secure is an issue: one that BitLock helpfully solves

You can grab Bitlock for $79 on KickStarter now

[Via Kickstarter]

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