Bionic Tortoise Has Lego Wheel For Leg


Lego is probably something that reminds me most of my childhood, making things and slowly destroying them too. This story however, will bring a tear to your eye; the thought that the toy we play with can help a small tortoise to walk? Simply, amazing.

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Schildi, who has been billed as the bionic tortoise, was facing an uncertain future after losing his leg and being discarded by his owners.

The following procedure to fit him with a toy building block in Baden, Germany, helped this little guy have a brighter future. Dr. Panagiotis Azmanis said the idea to use the Lego wheel was a spur of the moment thing after he had seen how unhealthy Schildi was.

Vets at the Bird Consulting International practice decided to amputate most of the animal’s injured limb before deciding on the unorthodox use of Lego.

Superglue was used to secure the wheel. Next up, duct tape saves a hippo.

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