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Bill Gates to Step Down From Microsoft & Berkshire Hathaway

Bill Gates to Step Down From Microsoft & Berkshire Hathaway

Bill Gates announced he will be stepping down from the boards of both Microsoft and Berkshire Hathaway.  In an official statement, the entrepreneur and philanthropist noted his founding of Microsoft forty years ago alongside co-founder Paul Allen and the his work with Berkshire Hathaway alongside Warren E  Buffet.  The statement went on to say the tech luminary would be stepping away to focus on “philanthropic priorities” at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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After helming Microsoft for decades, Gates left his day-to-day role at the company in 2008, and his position as chairman of the board in 2014.  Since then, Gates has become active in efforts to support and enhance global development, education and health, as well as sponsoring initiatives to tackle climate change through his nonprofit The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, alongside wife Melinda.
Gates will remain one of the largest single shareholders of Microsoft, with approximately 1.3 percent of the company’s total shares, valued at $16 billion USD.  The statement notes that Gates will also remain an active participant at Microsoft.

“Microsoft will always be an important part of my life’s work and I will continue to be engaged with Satya and the technical leadership to help shape the vision and achieve the company’s ambitious goals. I feel more optimistic than ever about the progress the company is making.”

You can read the statement in full on LinkedIn.

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