If you are like me, sometimes you can sleep right, knowing that all your data could be out there unsecured, easily hackable.  Well, sleep better in part thanks to the 007 Flash Drive Concept, the most secured thumb drive you could have.

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Bringing together the the digital security of a well-encrypted thumb drive with the real-life security of a bike lock, 007 keeps you safe in every way.  The combination lock will not only keep data thieves and hackers from getting your data online, it also physically locks your data in the drive to something – like your desk or table – with a steel cable.  If they happen to have overheard your password – don’t use 000 – they’ll still need another password to access the actual thumb drive data.

That’s a lot of security, so you better be hiding something top secret.  007 may be a concept right now, but if ever hits stores we’ll be the first to line up.

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