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Best Of The Web: Cracked.Com

Best Of The Web: Cracked.Com

Bored of work? Got nothing to do? Check this site out:  Cracked is a collection of posts and videos from every topic known to man.  This week’s Best of the Web is sure to give you some laughs.

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The Best of the Web would be remiss to not mention a place for a good laugh

The articles on Cracked.com cover a wide range of subjects

such as Music, Sci-Fi, History, Movies, and Science to name a few.cracked.com screenshot

Some of the trending articles include titles such as; ‘How will the thieves of future will rob us?’, ‘5 Facts About Being Poor (From a Rich Person)’ and ‘5 Impossible Crimes That Were Shockingly Easy to Commit.’

Visit : http://www.cracked.com and de-textbook yourself.

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