There’s still some space to change course on climate change, but the window grows smaller every day.  What we decide to do in the next few years will make all the difference.

/READ MORE// Regardless of Who The President is, Man-Made Climate Change is Real

Those are some of the sobering headlines behind an article published in June’s Nature magazine about the continent of Antarctica.  It claimed to have one of the most complete profiles ever compiled about the continent of ice.

At the same time, another international team came to the conclusion that Antarctica has lost a staggering 3 trillion tons of ice since 1992, already causing an 8mm increase in global sea level.  That’s almost a third of an inch.

If humankind continues our current carbon obsession, the planet could be subjected to a 150-foot rise in sea level, all from Antarctica’s remaining ice sheets.

The findings come at a crossroad of new data, new research and at a time when scientists are globally poised to use new instruments and techniques, in space, on the water, on land and in the air to measure our current situation and predict where we can go from here.

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