Best of 2017 // #95: Is Dust Making You Fat?


It appears dust bunnies might be more than just a nuisance to your nose.  Researchers have concluded dust may, in fact, be making you heavier.

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Dust in our residential homes is full of pollutants, and that can include industrial chemicals like BPA which can leach into your home from many household products.  Researchers tested 40 substances commonly found in home that they “suspect have some sort of impact on metabolic health” according to Duke University’s Christopher Kassotis.  Kassotis co-authored the study which was published in July of last year in Environmental Science & Technology.

Although the research was limited to petri dish samples interacting with mice cells, Kassotis said the team determined that a full two-thirds of of chemicals tested caused fat cells to develop and/or proliferate.

Researchers will need more testing before we know the full effect on humans – and if a good clean is all you need to get healthy.

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