Best of 2017 // #93: Water is Weird

Anders Nilsson

Water is weird.  It expands when cooled, has a strange boiling point, and in June it got weirder.  Publishing a paper in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, Stockholm University Professor Anders Nilsson and his team discovered that Water can exist in at least two different distinct liquid states, each with different properties.

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It took some work to witness the phenomenon.  Nilsson brought water well below it’s freezing point and then mucked about with the pressure, resulting in a liquid state that gets less dense as heat is added.

Nilsson thinks this newly found form of water may even exist naturally, sitting in ordinary tiny pockets within normal room-temperature water.  Nilsson is working on finding more evidence.

Water, essential for life, found everywhere on earth, humble and everyday – still has secrets to tell us

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