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Best of 2017 // #84: The Marshmallow Test

Best of 2017 // #84: The Marshmallow Test

It’s the eternal question: immediate satisfaction, or long-term rewards.  In psychology circles, this has come to be known as the Marshmallow Test.

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In the classic study from the early ’70s, a researcher asks a child to sit alone in a room with a marshmallow.  The child can eat the ‘mallow right away, but if they wait 10 to 15 minutes, the researcher will return with a second treat.

Previously, researchers tested mostly western children.  In June of 2017, however, German psychologists ran a test consisting of about 200 children; half western, and half non-western.  The team discovered that 4-year olds from Cameroonian farming communities were better at resisting the treat than their German-born counterparts.  Only 28 percent of German-born children earned the additional treat, whereas 70 percent of Cameroonian children managed to wait – 10 percent even fell asleep waiting.

The dramatic results, published in Child Development, likely come from a variety of influencing factors.  Researchers plan on investigating strategies that the children used to help them wait.

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