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Best of 2017 // #76: A Viking Funeral

Best of 2017 // #76: A Viking Funeral

Archeologists made an astonishing discovery at a small town along the northern end of a fjord in Iceland.  In June, researchers found six Viking graves in the town of Dysnes.

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The six graves contained a mix of human and animal remains, including a horse and a dog.  Two of the graves were boat burials.  The dig uncovered several viking objects, tools and weapons, including jewellery, whetstones, swords and spears.  The site dates back over 1,000 years.  The site is one of the largest and most well preserved viking burials sites to have ever been found.

“Dysnes takes the prize – for the boats, the weapons, and the size and scale and complexity”
– Howell Roberts, Archeologist

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