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Best of 2016 // #94: The Era of Man

Best of 2016 // #94: The Era of Man

The earth below our feet hides layer of ages, periods where different things happened which has been preserved in rock, leading scientists to point out definitive eras in our earth’s history.  Now, scientists can look into the bedrock of our planet and see enough evidence to declare us living in a new era –

The Anthropocene: the human epoch.

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The word Anthropocene first gained popularity in 2000, but it wasn’t until this year that it became an officially recognized era of earth’s history.  In early 2016, the Anthropocene Working Group, a subgroup working under the International Union of Geological Sciences recommended that we officially mark the end of the Holocene period and enter into the Anthropocene.

The next step is to find a spike in data, a unique boundary point in the rock of the earth that signifies a change in the earth.  Many believe scientists will point to radioactive particles, which have been spreading around the globe since the 1950’s from nuclear and radioactive testing, indicating that, indeed, this is a different time.

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