In July, archeologists began digging a 5-year excavation on England’s southwest coast, and struck pay dirt almost immediately.  This site, at the medieval Tintagel Castle, has long been boasted as the birth place of the legendary King Arthur.  While researchers didn’t uncover any round tables, they did make some historic finds.

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tintagel dig

Researchers found what appeared to be a royal palace dating back to the 5th or 6th century CE – a time period congruent with one Arthurian enthusiasts believe he lived.  The properties curator for the dig, Win Scutt, has reservations about the link, which featured prominently in media discussion:

“If they’ve got to hang it on Arthur, OK, but we’re not trying to associate it with Arthur.  That would be dodgy archaeology”

Win Scutt

Dodgy, indeed.

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