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Best of 2016 // #85: What Did Dinos Sound Like?

Best of 2016 // #85: What Did Dinos Sound Like?

Sorry to burst the hollywood bubble:  Dinosaurs did not roar.  They simply we’re made for it, anatomically speaking.  However, these great giants also didn’t stay silent.

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A study published in June edition of Evolution, looked at the anatomy and vocalizations of birds and crocodiles – the nearest living relative to dinosaurs.  The study found a correlation in the anatomy, leading researches to believe dinos made only closed-mouth vocalizations, much like crocodiles do today.

That might not sound terrifying but it is, as study co-author Julia Clarke found out while visiting a Chinese Alligator breeding project at the Bronx zoo:

“the room exploded in deep thumps.  THUMP THUMP THUMP THUMP.  Every male alligator was making that noise”

Julia Clarke, palaeontologist, UNIVERSITY of Texas at Austin

Now imagine that but 100 times bigger.

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