Best of 2015 // #94: Another Planet That Might be Like Earth

Best of 2015

If you love news about exoplanets and all the firsts we seem to witness, get ready for another.  For the first time, Astronomers believe they have found an Earth-like planet , named Kepler-452b, with a Sun-like star’s Habitable zone.

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The new planet – known as Kepler-452b, named after the telescope that found it – has a diameter a mere 1.6 times the Earth’s and orbits it’s Sun (Keplar-452) in 385 days.

The planet’s orbit is just 5 percent farther from it’s Sun than Earth’s,

An Artist’s depiction of Kepler-452b

putting it directly in the habitable (or so-called Goldilocks) zone.

This means that liquid water – and then theoretically life – can easily occur.  However, at 1,400 light years away from Earth, Keplar-452b is too far away to learn much more about it.

kepler-452b and the Goldilocks Zone

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