Best of 2014 // #96: A Serious Rock

Best of 2014: Science - exoplanet

A Western Australian mining company happened across a remarkable rock in 2006; it was purple-pinkish in colour and very strange-looking.  The company handed over the rocks to geologist Peter Elliot of the South Australian Museum for analysis and eight years later Elliot announced his finding: the rock was completely new to science

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In April of 2014, Elliot announced the rock was a previously unknown mineral, and he dubbed the rock Putnisite after fellow mineralogists Christine and Andrew Putnis.


Putnisite is an interesting mineral: it shimmers in an almost otherworldly way.  Most minerals which are discovered are related to previously known minerals, either chemically or structurally. Putnisite combines Strontium, Calcium, Chromium, Sulfur, Carbon, Oxygen and Hydrogen in a new and unique way.

Putnisite, it turns out, is completely unique.

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