When Curiosity touched down on Mars on August 6th, the team at NASA decided to call it’s landing site Bradbury Landing after the iconic writer and futurist Ray Bradbury.  August 22 is what would have been Bradbury’s 92nd birthday.  It proves that Bradbury’s legacy still lives on.
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Many boys and girls were captivated by Bradbury’s chronicles of Mars.  Many went on to work at NASA, or Space X, in an attempt to live up to some of those visions he presented.  Perhaps more than an particular idea about the future, however, was the sense of adventure, exploration and romance Bradbury left us with.  He gave many child a wanderlust for the stars.  In creating Bradbury Landing, NASA began to repay that great debt.

As Bradbury himself said:

“I think it’s part of the nature of man to start with romance and build to a reality. There’s hardly a scientist or an astronaut I’ve met who wasn’t beholden to some romantic before him who led him to doing something in life.”


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