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Best of 2012 // #79: The Home of Spam

Best of 2012 // #79: The Home of Spam

The United States used to be the leader in sending out spam email, but this year India overtook the lead as the world’s home of spam.  India sends about a sixth of all spam emails sent every day; there are roughly 100 billion junk emails sent daily.  Experts attribute this number to a fast-growing population in India, and a large group of previously novice computer users who are unwittingly downloading viruses onto their computers, turning them in Spam factories.

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Awareness campaigns and oversight by ISPs in the United States were also a factor in the US dropping from first to third.


 Country  2012 2011
 1. India  16.1%  8.8%
 2. Italy  9.4%  1.9%
 3. USA  6.5%  11.3%
 4. Saudi Arabia  5.1%  N/A


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