2012 was a year that pushed the highs and lows of the human experience in the most literal way.  From super high jumps to the deepest sea dives, 2012 was a big year for big milestones.

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James Cameron made headlines by diving to nearly 36,000 feet to the ocean deepest point,

placing his life in the care of technology to keep him safe from the crushing pressure and frigid temperatures near the bottom of our planet.

Felix Baumgartner earned headlines, as he leaped from 23 miles in the air to parachute back to earth,

marking the highest point from which has ever parachute, dropped, jumped, or in any fashion come back to the planet.  His capsule and parachute were feats of technology, as Baumgartner neared the furthest reaches of the atmosphere.

In both cases, their success was rooted firmly in their high-tech toys to protect them, help them journey to, and help them come back from the limits of our planet’s friendly, familiar, realm.

2012 was a year of highs, and lows.

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