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Best of 2011 // 90: Validation for Chronic Lyme Symptoms

Best of 2011 // 90: Validation for Chronic Lyme Symptoms

Patients with chronic fatigue syndrome and post-treatment Lyme disease symptoms – where symptoms persist after treatment – have spent decades being accused of simply imagining the debilitating exhaustion and cognitive issues that plague them.  A study released in February, however, is the first to provide evidence that they’re symptoms are very real.

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Steven Schutzer, Immunologist at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jesery examined samples of patients’ cerebrospinal fluid – a clear liquid that surrounds the brain and spinal chord.

While identifying the makeup of the cerebrospinal fluid, Schutzer documented different sets of proteins for each group, potential biomarkers that distinguish between those with both conditions and healthy patients.

Schützer was able to identify the proteins by removing common and unrelated proteins like immunoglobulin and albumin from the cerebrospinal fluid.

“That lets the smaller proteins – the potential biomarkers – not get obscured…At least now we know we’re not just speculating bout the differences between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and post-treamtnet Lyme”

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