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Best of 2011 // 88: The Violent Cosmos

Best of 2011 // 88: The Violent Cosmos

This image is the space above and around us as seen in Gamma Rays, radiation being spewed out by the most powerful objects in our galaxy.  The bright line in the middle is where high-speed particles collides with gas and dust.  Pulsars and Supernovae appear are bright dots close to the middle line.  It’s a dangerous, violent galaxy we live in.

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Many of the reddish spots above and below are distant and active galaxies, places where massive black holes pull in gas and spin it around at speeds approaching the speed of light.

Researchers at NASA’s Fermi Gamma-Ray Space Telescope built this view after almost two years of observations.  Almost a third of all the sources of Gamma Rays in this map remain unidentified.  Which makes the map that more exciting.  It’s a map to the unknown, violent world around us.

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