BEST OF 2015 // #87: The Super-Fast Liquid 3D Printer

CLIP 3D Printer continuous liquid interface production

A new type of 3D Printer can make object that appear you grow from liquid within minutes.  It’s a new method of 3D Printing, and many think it could revolutionize the industry, again.

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The Continuous Liquid Interface Production technology, or CLIP, features a pool of special resin that only hardens when exposed to light.

When exposed to oxygen, the resin remains liquified.

CLIP 3D Printer continuous liquid interface production

A projections system flashes UV light patterns at the resin through a oxygen-permeable screen beneath the resin, all while a mechanical arm lifts the object up and away from the pool.  Since the light and the arm work in tandem with each other, shapes and objects can be printed continuously, rather than layer by layer as a ‘traditional’ 3D Printer would.

CLIP 3D Printer continuous liquid interface production

The CLIP system is also extraordinarily fast: an interact 51-millimeter structure can be finish in six minutes instead of layer by layer taking up to three hours.

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