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The Best of 2013 // #98: Crowd-Sourcing Pluto’s Moons

The Best of 2013 // #98: Crowd-Sourcing Pluto’s Moons

The International Astronomical Union, or IAU, settled on a crowd-sourced contest to name two moons for Pluto – and the Internet looked to the mythological underworld for inspiration.

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Pluto has yielded many spectacular discoveries, but none as small as its newest moons. The former planet’s moons of P4 and P5 were discovered in 2011 and 2012 respectively and were both extra small – each less than 25 miles wide.

The IAU, perhaps in reaction to the unpopular decision to de-planeted Pluto, turned to crowd-sourcing contests as a way to choose names for the moons.

P4, now known as Kerberos, was picked and named for the mythological multi-headed hell-hound that guarded the underworld and P5 was named Styx after the Greek deity who watches over the river of the same name.

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