Apple’s upcoming AirPods aren’t the only fast charging wireless headphones you’ll be able to pair with your brand new iPhone 7 or iPhone 7 Plus. The Cupertino tech giant’s Dr. Dre-founded Beats has introduced a brand new range of wireless headphones and they stack up nicely with Apple’s.

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The new BeatsX, Powerbeats3 and Solo3 Wireless all boast Bluetooth connectivity while their use of Apple’s specially designed W1 chip — the same one found in the AirPods — means “Fast Fuel” charging for each. The tiny BeatsX, for example, offers eight hours of battery life and about two hours on a super fast five minute charge while the Powerbeats3 offer an hour of playback after five minutes of charging time and up to twelve hours of playback when fully charged. The Solo3, on the other hand, boasts a whopping 40 hours of battery life and three hours via a five minute Fast Fuel charge.

Retailing for $150, $200 and $300 USD, respectively, the new BeatsX, Powerbeats3, and Solo3 Wireless are all coming soon while the Solo3 is already available for pre-order via

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