BattleModo: PS4 vs XBox One

PS4 vs Xbox One

The Playstation 4 has finally launched in the US and in one week the XBox One will follow suit. It’s going to be a game console battle to the death and this is the tale of the tape. Battlemodo! Begin!

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We’ve seen both consoles, and we’ve seen previews, but no one has gotten their dirty paws on both of them together. Until, that is, did just that, and the comparisons began.

Its Xbox One vs. PS4

Which console is truly superior?

The pictures are worth a thousand words, and the only thing you need to know is this: the XBox one is f*cking huge. It’s massive compared to the PS4 and even bigger than its predecessor the Xbox 360.  It’s clear this must have been a decision to avoid the red ring of death (overheating) by giving the console more breathing space.

Take a gander at the tale of the tape, and tell us which system you are going to go for!



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