BartPE will start your Troubled PC

BartPE screenshot

Computer dev Bart Lagerweij needed a way to start up his computer after an emergency, but had run out of options.  So, he got to it and designed Burt Lagerwij’s Preinstalled Environment – or BartPE for short – to do what other programs couldn’t.

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If a virus or malicious piece of software borks your Windows set up, and you need to recover some files and sweep your PC with a virus scan, use either a BartPE CD or DVD.  You’ll need to use both your Windows installation CDs and Bart’s free of charge PE builder to make your own BartPE, but do it before things happen.

Lagerweij worked hard on building BartPE, and thinks of it as a life insurance policy for Windows computers, many being plagued with the so-called ‘Blue Screen of Death’.  This is highly recommended for ultra-Windows users.

BartPE [Bart Lagerweij via AskMe]

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