‘Avengers 3’ to be spilt into 2 Films


It’s no shock to hear we’re getting a third installment of Marvels biggest blockbuster super team up ‘The Avengers‘ but Marvel certainly has some surprises up its sleeve in the next few years.  The Avengers film will be spilt into two separate movies, dropping May 4th of 2018 and May 3rd 2019 and they will be called Avengers: “Infinity War’.

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The split, while surprising, is not without precedent for larger epic movie franchises. ever since Harry Potter and Twilight, studios have embraced the idea (and income) of splitting one final film over 2 movies.  It makes a ton of business sense.  Given that many of the actor’s contracts could be up after this 3rd (or fourth?) movie wraps, Marvel may well use this to bring them back for last hurrah.

‘Infinity War’ will be a huge story

If the film follows the comic story arc of the same name, expect the movies to conclude Thanos’ big war against all life in the universe – a plot that has been neatly and subtly sewn throughout the MCU.  Given that we’ve seen hints of Thanos since the tail end of the first Avengers film, this gigantic story could feasibly take more than one final movie to have its epic end told.

Marvel also allegedly has all of its films mapped out from now until 2028, so its expected that Infinity War simultaneously end one era and set up a big part of what’s to follow.

The same could be said for the upcoming second Avengers film, Age of Ultron.  Marvels Studios president Kevin Feige spoke to BuzzFeed saying the Avengers roster would likely be different by the end of Ultron.

Marvel recently announced all the dates and titles of its movies up to the 2-par Avengers film, more about which you can read here

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