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Automate your Finances

Automate your Finances

Well-known Blogger Matt Haughey wrote a great post recently about crushing his worry and stress over an empty bank account by setting up a notification on his phone when his balance gets below a certain level.  Its a great lifehack, and you should do it too.

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Most financial service providers will send you emails or alerts, give you automated bill-paying services, transfer abilities or direct deposit options.  You should set some time aside to set up these options and/or notifications  to help ease your stress about your finances.  You’ll never again have to worry if a rent or mortgage payment is late, that your credit rating is heading in the wrong direction, or that this transaction might not go through because NSF

As the author says:

“Simplifying your life involves removing all those little irrational worries that clog your thoughts and keep you from getting things done and living happy.”
– Matt Haughey

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