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Watch the trailer for Princess_Mononoke

Watch the Trailer for Princess Mononoke

Finally, some of Studio Ghibli's finest films have finally come to BluRay.  This includes Princess Mononoke, originally made in 1997, this film got a...
third Van Allen belt

The Best of 2013 // #92: Third Radiation Belt Around Earth Discovered

Earth has magnetic fields that gather energized solar particles and forms two belts circling our planet.  Known as the Van Allen Belts, the closest...
Apple TV App Store

New Apple TV Ad is All About the Apps

Apple has dropped a new TV ad for its venerable Apple TV.  Previous ads saw the set-top box make an appearance, but the focus was...

How To: Reset Your Mac’s PRAM

is your mac acting up?  Having bluetooth or airport problems?  Is your fan running non-stop and is your battery stuck at 50% and it...

Here’s What the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Might Look Like

Ahead of Samsung’s official unveiling of its latest Galaxy Note phone, leaked images of the design showing three different colors variations such as Black...