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Best of the Web

The Best of the Web: Stolen Camera Finder

Have you ever lost your camera?  Unlike a phone, a camera cannot be tracked using cellular network or global positioning systems. So, what do...
Happy holidays

Happy Holidays, from IONS

I know we say this every year, but it's always hard to believe its the end of December, and the Holidays are here.  2017...
Best of 2014: Science - exoplanet

Best of 2014 // #96: A Serious Rock

A Western Australian mining company happened across a remarkable rock in 2006; it was purple-pinkish in colour and very strange-looking.  The company handed over...
Update Wordpress

WordPress Updates To 4.5.3

Wordpress has updated its Core blogging software to 4.5.3.  This is both a maintenance and security release for all previous versions, and users are...

House K Provides a Lively Antidote to the Serene Japanese Surroundings

The latest eye-catching home on show is House K, which is in the calm and tranquil and suburb of Maebashi, Japan. Designed by Shinta Hamada...