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Scott Forde is a student from Toronto. He loves technology and pretty much everything to do with technology. Besides fanboying over technology, I dig Muay Thai, UFC, and I love food.

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Is Media RSS The Next Core Integrated Plugin?

On a recent discussion thread within the WordPress Hackers Mailing list, Aaron Brazell of Technosailor.com suggested that the Media RSS or (mrss) plugin be...
iPhone projection keyboardvideo

Concept: iPhone Projection [Video]

The idea of projection keyboards and screens has not only proved to be a reality, but it has become a fascination to some.  Being...
google-translate for android wear

Google Translate Comes to Android Smartwatches

Google added Google Translate to the latest update to the Android Wear smartwatch operating system. Now you can use your watch to talk to...

Watch as a Girl with Telekinesis ruins a coffee store

This is both amazing and absolutely terrifying. A prank - erm clever viral marketing? - has a woman with telekinetic powers in a coffee...
Google io 2016-social

Watch Google’s I/O keynote live right here

It's another year, and Google is kicking off its annual I/O Developer Conference.  The Conference goes live 10Am Pacific Time / 1Pm EST, and...