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Stanford Engineers Develop Tiny, Sound-Powered Chip to Serve as Medical Device

Using ultrasound to deliver power wirelessly, Stanford researchers are working on a new generation of medical devices that would be planted deep inside the...

Divers Caught Trying To Destroy Internet

While the world was going crazy over whether or not the internet was slowing down, three villains, fresh from a James Bond movie has...
Best of 2014: Science - exoplanet

Best of 2014 // #100: The year of the Exoplanet

Ever year, planet hunters and astronomers find ever more and more exoplanets.  The amount of worlds circling other stars has almost doubled this year,...

The Zooop Car looks Ridiculous, Speeds like a Racecar

As if straight from a Steven Speilberg sci-fi movie, the Zooop is basically everything you want from and in a car from the future....
He took his skin off for mevideo

Ben Aston’s ‘He Took His Skin Off For Me’

It tough to know what to expect going into any short with a title like He Took His Skin Off For Me, but perhaps my stomach wasn't...