Arlo expands smart home lineup for CES 2019

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Arlo has been making a name for itself by making some of the best, and simplest smart home cameras and security systems around.  The company spent most of 2018 tweaking and improving its lineup, and this year at CES2019, it’s ready to show off it’s hard work.  Arlo was ready in Vegas with a new product, the Arlo Ultra, a SmartHub, a siren, remote multi-sensor and more.

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“As the most advanced DIY monitoring solution we’ve ever launched, Arlo Ultra raises the bar for smart home surveillance. We’re excited to provide home, property and small business owners with a convenient system that not only delivers unmatched 4K HDR image quality, A.I., and computer vision capabilities, but also enables streamlined smart home control,”

– Pat Collins, senior vice president of Arlo products

The Arlo Ultra is set to arrive in stores, included BestBuy and Amazon, later this month.  It will be priced at $400 per camera, which includes a one-year subscription to Arlo Smart Premier, Arlo’s own ‘premium’ service that provides extended video history and integrated AI, which can detect objects passing in front of the camera, to provide more specific alerts to the user.

Beyond the Ultra, Arlo was also showing off its SmartHub at CES.

The company calls it’s hub the “nucleus of the smart home.”  It provides extended battery life to Arlo devices in you home, and can interact with those products via two-way radio.  Those devices also now include third-party products that are designed to be integrated with Arlo in its own Smart Home Security ecosystem.  Any compliant product will have a “Works with Arlo” badge on it.  The SmartHub ships with the Arlo Ultra Camera.

Arlo group_siren-sensor-remote_control-720x720

Since Arlo was already opening up its platform so other companies could build those third-party products, Arlo took advantage of the timing and has rolled out it’s own line of accessories.  Arlo has designed a multi-sensor, siren and remote to work with its products, and all integrate directly into the system, providing users with addition information about the home, as well as improving security.  Arlo declined to provide any information about availability or price for its new accessories.

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