Apple’s New Emojis Include Red Hair, Cupcakes, Superheroes & More

Teased ahead of World Emoji Day.


Apple has just previewed some new emojis slated to come out later this year to the iOS. The tease coincides with World Emoji Day which happens tomorrow. Users can expect to see 70+ new icons which include people with different hair color, superheroes, new animals and even cupcakes. Each of them are as colorful, if not, more vibrant than past emojis.

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Food selections will be vast also with a mango, lettuce, moon cake and more being added. On the animal side of things, you have a lobster, kangaroo and parrot to name a few. Emoticons such as the cold face, pleading face and face with hearts will be added to convey more personal and specific expressions. You can see some of the new emojis above or check out the full lineup at the official Apple news site.

Unfortunately, there is no definitive date for the release of the newest emojis. However, the company did mention that the rollout is in line with “an update to iOS 12” in the Fall season.

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