Apple is all ready to hold it’s next big event on September 7th, when we’re expecting to see some new iPhones and some updated wearables.  Invitations were sent out early this morning with Apple saying only “See you on the 7th.”

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Apple's iPhone 7 event is happening on September 7th

This is the fifth straight year that Apple has held an early September keynote to announce a new goodie.  Usually, this means an iPhone, and this year is no exception.

The new iPhone 7 is expected to be fairly similar to last year’s unveiling, with a few minor differences, most notably being the loss of the headphone jack.

The new iPhones are also expected to be better resistant to water, and come with a dual camera system for better photos.  Apple is also rumoured to finally do away with the 16gb model, and get a 32gb model.

It’s also been to years since Apple announced the Apple Watch, and a year and a half since it’s release.  It’s time for an update to the wearable and it sounds like Apple is ready, with new models keeping the same design, but having faster guts and GPS.  Early rumours suggested the Apple Watch was going to get a camera, but many expect that Apple has since shifted away from that idea. will be covering the event live, just like every year.  So come back on September 7th, tune in, watch, and join us for the all news you can handle, and likely more.

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