Apple’s Back to School Promo Offers App Store Gift Cards

Apple Back to School Gift Cards

Apple has launched its Back to School promotion, which means students and educators can grab a $100 App Store gift cards when they purchase a Mac, or $50 when they buy an iPhone or iPad.

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This year’s promotion is pretty similar to last year’s deal, but this year has the notable inclusion of iPhones in the offer – a welcome change.

The App Store gift cards can be used for Apps as well as other iTunes Store stuff, meaning there’s no shortage of stuff you can fill your new iPad or Mac with.

To qualify for the said deal, you’ll need to either be a teacher, college student (or accepted into college) or even a parent buying for a college student.  The offer runs through the summer, and if you were planning on getting some new gear for September, this little offer might be enough to entice you more.

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  1. and what a deal. What, do I get $25 back for buying a $2000 laptop. No thanks


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