Apple Wins Patent for Watch Design

Apple Watch Patent

Apple has won yet another patent, and this surely will not be the last.  This time, the fight was for the design of its latest product, the Apple Watch.

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If It’s Possible to Patent A Gold Square on a Wrist, Apple Has Done it

It should be noted that this only includes the look of the watch and various external components, including: the rectangle shape of the body and the curved edges, the sensors on the back, the button and crown, and even the strap itself.  The patent does not include the idea of a smartwatch, and it is safe to say that other tech conglomerates (such as Samsung and Google) will soon release their own design, which are also compatible with their cellphones.

Apple Watch Design Patent

Finally, this patent is limited to the United States, which also allows for other versions be released in Canada and other countries.


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