Apple Unveils Apple Watch Series 3 With Cellular Connectivity

Take your Apple Watch any and every where, no iPhone needed.

apple-watch-series-3-cellular-11 Apple Watch Series 3

Among the major announcements from Apple today, Tim Cook and company unveiled the all-new Apple Watch Series 3 with cellular connectivity. With cellular power built in, users will now have the freedom to go anywhere there’s cell service without needing their iPhone close by, that means you can not only take calls right from your watch, but you can stream 40 million songs directly from Apple Music.

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In addition to built-in cellular power, the Apple Watch Series 3 will also see a number of upgrades to its health and fitness features.

Among them, OS4 will feature smart activity coaching, a redesign workout app, and new swimming features. Apple also plans to release a number of enhancements to its heart rate app, including new measurements, notifications when an elevated heart rate is detected, and the ability to track the rhythm of your heartbeat, a tool that was designed in partnership with Stanford medical.

With cellular power built in

apple-watch-series-3-cellular-11 Apple Watch Series 3As far as the hardware is concerned, the Apple Watch Series 3 will include a 70% faster dual-core processor, a W2 chip for wifi, barometric altimeter, and an all-day battery that’ll last up to 18 hours. Lastly, all of the above will fit inside a watch case that is the same size as the Series 2.

The Apple Watch Series 3 will be available in a number of colorways, including bands from Hermes and Nike, starting with pre-orders on September 15, and September 22′s official launch.

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