Apple TV Updates In a Big Way

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While the Apple TV may be getting a little long in the tooth, a slow yet steady wave of updates have been hitting the device. The latest update? It includes Vevo, Disney and even the weather channel amongst others. Looks like Apple hasn’t quite forgotten about it cable killer yet.

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A Tuesday morning updates saw a full 5 new apps get added to apples streaming TV box: Disney, Disney XD, the aforementioned Vevo and the weather channel and the Smithsonian channel. It’s a major update, but one that plays a lot of catch up for a system lagging behind in the Media centre wars. Roku, for example, has long had both the Smithsonian and Vevo.

Vevo is a huge gain for Apple TV, with its insane and growing library of 75,000 HD music videos, love concerts and original content.

Both Disney and Disney XD will require authentication from cable or satellite providers, so expect to shell out for the mouse if you want to cut the cable.

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