Apple Reportedly in Talks to Aquire McLaren

Apple to buy McLaren?

Apple has apparently approached supercar-company McLaren to discuss either an acquisition, or a ‘strategic investment’ according to the Financial Times.  The talks are said to have been going on for ‘several’ months.

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McLaren is best known for the F1, the Formula One racing squad, and a couple months ago, rumours popped off that Apple was seriously considering buying the Formula One racing league.  While those rumours never panned out (or did they?), the supercar-maker has made a name for itself in regular people cars, a division it started up less than 10 years ago.  McLaren also has a large technologies arm that works as a parts supplier for other carmakers and racing teams.

McLaren SuperCar

Could Apple be after McLaren’s parts division?

In July of this year, Apple sent it’s longtime hardware executive Bob Mansfield to run it’s long-rumoured Apple Car project, but a report since then has said Apple’s Car division has looking to cut jobs and refine it’s focus.  Rumour and speculation has swirled for years that Apple has been working on either or both an electric car, or a self-driving car.

The report in the Financial Times said McLaren could be valued at somewhere between $1.3 and $2 billion USD.  Neither company have returned any requests for comment.

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