Apple updated Apple TV‘s operating system, marking the third major update to tvOS 13 in a matter of months.  tvOS 13.4 is an update for fourth and fifth-gen devices only and comes right on the heels of the 13.3 update.

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tvOS updates are usually minor, focusing on small bug fixes or improvements, rather than big changes to the UI or functionality.

tvOS 13.4 has introduced a few design changes, however.  Among the changes are a streamlining of the TV app, adding Family Sharing directly to the app, so users can access family iTunes content without having to leave the TV app itself.

Additional details on the tvOS 13.4 update will be available in Apple’s tvOS support document.

Apple is also releasing an update for third-gen Apple TV devices.  Apple TV Software Update 7.5 will update older units not running tvOS

tvOS 13.4 is a free update and can be download over the air.  To grab the update, head over to the Settings app on your device and head to

System --> Software Update

Any Apple TV which is set to automatic updates will receive the update automatically.

Details on the update will be provided through Apple’s tvOS support document.

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