Apple releases iOS 13.3


Apple has gone ahead and dropped iOS 13.3.  This is the eights update since iOS 13, and it’s got a couple new features and bug fixes.  Let’s get into it.

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13.3 is for any 13-compatible device.  That means if you own an iPhone 6S and newer.  You should get a notification automatically, but you can always check manually by going to:

Settings > General > Software Update

Unlike more recent updates, 13.3 offers a mix of bug fixes and new features.  This includes a fix for mobile data (although some users are still reporting issues), and a fix for a Battery life issue (which also hasn’t helped some people).  The update also includes new parental controls for calling, FaceTime and Messages; a contact list for minors; a new layout for Apple News+; Apple News stories are now in the stocks app in Canada in english and french; a new banner for “Breaking” and “Developing” stories; as well as support for NFC, USB, and Lightning FIDO2-compliant security keys in Safari.

13.3 also includes patches for Mail, Gmail and Exchange.  For a full list of security fixes, Apple has posted them to the iOS 13.3 security page.

Beta seeds for 13.3.1 is already in the wild, which would suggest a new update come early February.

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