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Apple re-releases iOS 9.3.2, un-bricks iPad Pro [Updated]

Apple re-releases iOS 9.3.2, un-bricks iPad Pro [Updated]

[UPDATE] Apple has re-released iOS 9.3.2 today.  Apple says any users that had their devices bricked by the update (mostly iPads) should be able to get them back in working order by plugging them into a Mac of PC running iTunes and updating from there.

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Original story (5/20/16): 

Apple has pulled iOS 9.3.2 after reports that the update was bricking some devices, most notably 9.7-inch iPad Pros.  Affected devices showed the “connect to iTunes” message which devices show when put into recovery mode, however iTunes was only showing an “Error 56”, and failed to restore the tablet.  The bug didn’t appear to affect any other devices.

Apple issued a statement on the matter, offering no real solution or cause of the issue.  The company said it is “working on a fix” and will likely issue an update shortly.  Whether the update will repair already-bricked iPads isn’t quite clear, but  9to5Mac reports that some users have had their iPads replaced at Apple Stores.

The iOS 9.3 update was also pulled due to a bug that caused a myriad of activation problems for older devices if users couldn’t recall their iCloud passwords.  As some users pointed out, anyone running an older device isn’t likely to be installing either beta or developer releases, as that would help catch the issues before they are released to the wild.

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