Apple has filed for a patent that could radically alter one of the brand’s flagship device: the iMac.  Originally picked up by Patently Applethe new iMac design showcases a curved glass unibody design, split into ‘display’ and ‘input’ areas.

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Both ‘areas’ are combined into a single unibody shape, with a support behind the device to contain the computer’s CPU and ports.

The design’s gigantic curved glass display is something that is relatively new as far as Apple design is considered.  The ‘input’ area includes a keyboard, which would be built into the unibody, and dual touchpads.  Patently Apple also got into how they believe the computer would work, suggested the ability to dock with a MacBook.  They suggest the laptop could use the iMac display for output, and that the unibody design might fold up for transport or to put it away.

The device is simply a patent at this point and it has yet to be confirmed if this design will ever even see the light of Cupertino.  Do you like the new design?  Let us know what you think below.

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