Apple just sent out media invites to its annual iPhone event


This year, as had been rumoured, the big event will happen September 10th.  And that’s pretty much all thats confirmed, because Apple is, as always, notoriously tight lipped and vague.

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There have been months of rumours, but we’re pretty this event is set to feature three new iPhones.  They are expected to replace the current XR, XS and XS Max line, and they will likely have a new naming system which includes “Pro” in it.

Don’t expect a radical redesign this year, however, as most experts believe the new iPhones will have few big changes.  We do expect to see those new iPhone sporting a huge square camera module, including a third sensor for ultra-wide-angle pics.

In addition to the new iPhone 11’s, we’re also expecting a new entry-level iPad and a new MacBook Pro at this event.  There will also likely be some smaller updates to the Apple Watch, maybe updates to the newer AirPods and maybe, but even less likely, a HomePod update.

Apple’s big event is in less than two weeks, we’ll be live-streaming the event, so follow along here for all the rumours, what we think we’ll get and more in the coming weeks.

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