App Of The Day: GTA San Andreas

App Of The Day: GTA San Andreas

The final Grand Theft Auto game of the PS2 era has finally come to Android, and it’s still really big. GTA: San Andreas is set in the massive, sprawling state of San Andreas where you play the role of a young hoodlum struggling to make a name for himself and become a crime kingpin. This is a faithful adaptation of the original game from the PlayStation that even has most of the licensed music intact.

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The first thing to know about GTA: San Andreas if you didn’t play the original is that there’s a lot to explore — more than most other GTA games. San Andreas had the largest game map of any GTA game until the recently released GTA V arrived. There’s the main city, towns, wilderness, and everything in between to check out. Of course, there are cars to steal too. Gameplay follows the established pattern of making contacts and accepting missions from them. As time goes on, you earn money and notoriety, which unlock more options.

Like other mobile ports of GTA titles, the controls can be a little ungainly in GTA: San Andreas. There are a lot of buttons on the screen, but it’s definitely workable. Things rearrange as needed for walking and driving with several preset schemes. If you have a controller or a Shield, GTA: San Andreas has native support.

Graphically, GTA: San Andreas is better than the original. You can adjust the view distance and resolution to suit your device. There is a bit of aliasing, but it’s certainly tolerable. It’s a $6.99 game, but you get a lot for your money.

Download: Apple|Android|WP8

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