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Angry Birds Go!! – Review

Angry Birds Go!! – Review
Angry Birds GO!! is the latest offering from the Rovio stable, based on the much acclaimed angry birds franchise. No, this is not another physics based slingshot game like the previous iterations of the Angry birds franchise, but a 3D cart racing game.
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Mario kart meets angry birds is how we would summarize this game. The gameplay draws heavily from the Nintendo game with power ups and special characters.
Graphics: As we would expect from a top publisher like Rovio, the game play is slick with great graphics and visuals. The characters are designed very well and Rovio has taken care of minute details like the facial expressions of the drivers(Read birds). The tracks look good too. We have tested the game on 2012 nexus 7 tablet which is not officially supported by Rovio and yet the game looks fantastic on it. We also tested Angry birds go on our prized Nokia lumia 920 camera phone and the game looks absolutely gorgeous on the clear black IPS display.
Gameplay: Angry birds go! is basically a downhill soapbox race. We start off the game as the beloved red bird. The first few races are tutorials on car control and power ups.
There are 4 modes of racing.
The first one being the normal race where you race against multiple computer opponents in a single race. If you come first you win. You also collect coins on the way which help you to upgrade your car among other things.
The second mode is the Time Boom, which is basically a time trail obstacle course. The player has to complete the course in a stipulated time.
The third mode is the VS mode. You play against a single opponent and you are awarded coins based on the difficulty level of that opponent.

What looks like a tribute to fruit ninja, there is a fruit splat mode where your drive through fruits to splat them before you run out of track.

Finally you arrive at the champion race , beat the champion thrice and he/she becomes a part of your team.
There is a premium mode called jenga which is unlocked using the QR code on angry birds jenga boxes. You drive through and blow up jenga blocks in this mode.
So it’s a must have game?
Although the overall gameplay is fun and engrossing, there is a catch to it.
With Angry Birds Go! Rovio has gone down the freemium route, which means that the game is free to download but is plagued with in app purchases which is never welcome in any game.

What bugs us more than the in-app purchase is the energy meter. Every bird can only race for 5 races at a time and then you will have to wait for sometime before the energy bar is replenished. Of course you can bypass this by another in-app purchase which is kinda annoying and unfair. Games should not have shortcuts where you can buy progress. It simply defeats the point of gaming.

Our verdict: A fantastic downhill racing game which goes downhill due to the freemium model. It’s free to download so it won’t hurt installing it for some casual gaming.


Update: Rovio gave a press release stating that a multiplayer mode will available in the spring 2014 update.

Download: Android |Windows|iPhone

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