Android Wear is Google’s Wearable OS

Android Wear

Google has finally dived into the wearable smartwatch arena. On Tuesday, the tech giant announced Android Wear, a version of its Android OS designed specifically with wearables in mind.

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In theory, Android Wear is meant to extend to all kinds of wearables. In practice, Google is starting with the hottest market: the smart watch.


The big difference with Android Wear is that the platform is designed to bring you the information you need most, when you need it most. That means social updates as they happen, pushing instant messages and updating you on traffic times as you drive to work.

The first concept Google has shown off, with its classically smooth and fun concept videos, has a lot in common with Google Glass and Google Now.

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Android Wear is voice-enabled; saying ‘Ok Google’ allows you to enter any commands, hands free. Seemingly powered by Google Now’s hands-free system of gathering and retrieving information, Google has said it has plans to get into the Health Monitoring market. Combined with the power of Google Now, Google could allow real-time access to your own health data for apps, users and user’s doctors.

Google is leaving the actual watch part up to watch and fashion designers.  While Pebble proved smart watches could be sexy, it also proved a smartwatch is nothing without an app ecosystem.

To that end, Google has released a preview SDK version of Android Wear to developers, in an aim to get them to create something amazing, possibly in time for Google I/O.  Google says additional APIs and resources will be available soon.

Google is working with brands such as Asus, HTC, LG, Motorola, Fossil and Samsung to build devices for android wear. The company is working with different manufactures and fashion designers to release a variety of smart watches in several different form factors

Expect to hear more about apps, smart watches as Android Wear at Google I/O this spring.

[Via The Google Blog]

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