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Analog Photographers Rejoice, Kodak is Bringing Back Ektachrome Film

Analog Photographers Rejoice, Kodak is Bringing Back Ektachrome Film

In October 2016, Kodak rebranded itself, harking back to the finer times of film. So maybe it isn’t surprising that the company announced at CES today that it will be bringing back Kodak Ektachrome film for photographers who still use the old school medium. Originally axed by the company back in 2012, it appears that enough people are shooting analog once again for a comeback to be made.

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“The reintroduction of one of the most iconic films is supported by the growing popularity of analog photography and a resurgence in shooting film,” Kodak Alaris says. “Resurgence in the popularity of analog photography has created demand for new and old film products alike. Sales of professional photographic films have been steadily rising over the last few years, with professionals and enthusiasts rediscovering the artistic control offered by manual processes and the creative satisfaction of a physical end product.”

Ektachrome, which uses the E6 developing process, was chosen as a result of listening to photographers and their cries and pleas.

“The film, known for its extremely fine grain, clean colors, great tones and contrasts, became iconic in no small part due the extensive use of slide film by National Geographic Magazine over several decades,” Kodak Alaris says.

The new Ektachrome will be available in 35mm and is expected to hit stores just in time for the holidays.

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