Amazon Will Ship Your Order, Even Before You Order It.

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No, Amazon has not hired a psychic to read your mind.  In December, the company received a patent for “a method and system for anticipatory package shipping.”

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Amazon says that this system is needed because many of their customers shy away from online shopping because of the delay between ordering and getting the actual product. The anticipatory shipping will attract more customers towards online shopping says Amazon.
We had a look into the patent documentation. There are various factors that Amazon will consider while using this system. Ranging from un-ordered items in the cart, order history, and even hover time above a link. Below is a image of how amazon will handle the logistics.

According to the patent, Amazon may fill out partial street addresses or zip codes to get items closer to where customers need them, and later complete the label in transit, the company said. For large apartment buildings, “a package without addressee information may be speculatively shipped to a physical address … having a number of tenants,” Amazon said in the patent.
Amazon predictive shipping

Amazon said the predictive shipping method might work particularly well for a popular book or other items that customers want on the day they are released. As well, Amazon might suggest items already in transit to customers using its website to ensure they are delivered, according to the patent.

We think this is a very bold move by amazon in terms of the cost involved in shipping. What if the product is never ordered? The Seattle based giant said they will consider giving off the shipped items as gifts to improve customer goodwill. Now that’s very good of Amazon. The questions is, is it sustainable?
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